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Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plan F Extra

May 23, 2024 By admin

So what does the Plan F “Extra” offered by Blue Shield cover? I’ve been getting a ton of questions
from clients about all the new goodies that are offered. The Medicare Supplement Plan F “Extra”,
also known as “Medigap” plan has the same core benefits as the traditional Plan F, however,
there are “extra” perks that are not covered by original Medicare.

First, lets start with a quick explanation of how the Medicare Supplement Plan F works. With any Supplement Plan, Medicare remains your primary which allows you the freedom to go to any physician in the nation that is contracted with Medicare! As you may already know, most providers are contracted with Medicare. Unlike with an HMO, you do not need to request a referral from your primary doctor to see a specialist. So, if your neighbor Billy refers you to an excellent oncologist over at UCLA, you can rest assured that you will be able to see that specialist.

If you’re unsure if the physician is contracted with Medicare then you can contact the doctors office and simply ask “Are you contracted with Medicare?” Or you may contact our office directly and we can check for you. Nine out of ten physicians are contracted with Medicare.

The Plan F has been the most comprehensive of all Supplement plans as it fills all the gaps that Original Medicare does not cover (excluding prescriptions). It covers all of the 20% that Medicare Part B normally leaves for you to pay. The plan also covers your hospital deductible, medical deductible and excess fees. So, as long as Medicare approves and pays the service then your Supplement Plan F will pick up the remaining balance. This leaves you to pay… ZERO. Many of my clients can’t believe that they are not responsible for a deductible, co-pays or co-insurance!

Quick Scenario: William is being treated at UCLA for his Lymphoma. He called into our office very worried about what the cost would be for his chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Medicare will cover 80% of the cost of his chemo and radiation (this is covered under Medicare Part B) and then his Supplement Plan F will pick up the 20% balance. This means William will not pay a dime out of his pocket.

The Plan F is closed as of January 1st 2020. However, if you turned 65 PRIOR to 2020 then you can still apply for the Plan F. If you are turning 65 AFTER January 2020 then you cannot apply for Plan F but are  still eligible for the Plan G! Blue Shield offers the Plan G “Extra” as well.

Ok, so now about those Extra benefits!
Blue Shield’s Extra Plan F includes:

  • Silver sneakers
    This is a free gym membership to participating gyms
    $20 Copay
    Every year
    Plan pays up to $100 allowance for frames
    Every two years
    Plan pays 100% after $25 copay
    Every year
    Plan pays up to 100%
    Every year
    (Vision Benefits provided by Medical Eye Services)
    Plan pays 100%
    Every year
    Plan offers you discount on two Vista Hearing aid models
    -Vista 610 model you pay $499
    -Vista 810 model you pay $799

Vista hearing aids are available in the following styles:

– In the ear
– In the canal
– Invisible in canal
– Behind the ear
– Receiver in the ear

No cost for Hearing aid fittings, counseling, and adjustments

– Ear impressions & molds
– Hearing aid device checks
– Two-year supply of batteries per hearing aid
– Three-year extended warranty on some models

Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) – Your PERS benefits are provided by Lifestation.

This is an emergency alert monitoring system that provides access to help 24/7, at the push of a button. This benefit is available to eligible members enrolled in Plan F Extra at no additional cost.

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