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Apply for Medicare

Applying for Medicare might seem confusing and overwhelming but here at Blue Compass Solutions we walk you through the process and make it easy!

Social Security will be handling your Medicare enrollment and they have a few easy ways to enroll. You may choose to enroll online, call Social Security directly or stop by your local Social Security office.

How to Apply Online For Medicare

Social Security offers you a quick online application for Medicare that can be completed in fewer than ten minutes. You do not have to be receiving income benefits to get Medicare. Just visit the social security website at www.ssa.gov and follow the links about applying for Medicare.

While you wait for your card to arrive, our friendly agents can help you learn your Medicare Supplemental options. You’ll be ready to set up the rest of your coverage by the time you get your card.

How to Apply For Medicare By Phone

Applying for Medicare by phone is easy and fairly simple. Contact Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 and request to enroll for Medicare (7AM TO 7PM). Sometimes a representative will assist you immediately however if the volume of calls is high then you will have the option to request a call back to avoid waiting on hold. The representative should then be able to take your application over the phone.

Your SS representative may send you some forms to complete. Generally these forms are simple. One issue about phone applications for Medicare is that they take longer. The forms have to be mailed to you, and then you complete them and mail back. This can cause delays. Use the phone enrollment option only if you have a month or two lead time before your intended Medicare effective date.

Applying for Medicare In Person

If you wish to apply in person (which many people do), you will want to visit your local Social Security office. This can be a convenient option if you are close to turning 65 and need to get your application processed quickly. You may want to schedule an appointment with your local Social Security office before dropping in to avoid potential long wait times.

When to Apply For Medicare

If you are already taking Social Security income benefits then you will automatically be enrolled into Medicare and should expect your Medicare card in the mail 1-2 months before your 65th birthday. People that are not Taking Social Security benefits must enroll into Medicare themselves.

Your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) for Medicare Parts A, B and D last 7 months. It begins 3 months before your 65th birthday month, and runs for 3 months after your birth month. Enrolling in Medicare during your IEP means that you will have no late penalties.


Medicare General Enrollment Period

If you did not enroll during the Initial Enrollment Period when you were first eligible, you can enroll during the General Enrollment Period. The general enrollment period for Original Medicare is from January 1 through March 31 of each year. Keep in mind that you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty for Medicare Part A and/or Part B if you did not sign up when you were first eligible. Your Medicare will be effective July 1st.

Medicare Special Enrollment Period

You may choose not to enroll in Medicare Part B when you are first eligible because you are already covered by group medical insurance through an employer or union. If you lose your group insurance, or if you decide you want to switch from your group coverage to Medicare, you can sign up at any time that you are still covered by the group plan or during a Special Enrollment Period(SEP). Your eight-month special enrollment period begins either the month that your employment ends or when your group health coverage ends, whichever occurs first. If you enroll during an SEP, you generally do not have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

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